Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Philosophical Ramblings: Part 1

Maybe I am just more aware now that I was before but there is horrible stuff happening to people that either wasn't as widely published before or is new. House breaking, murder, rape, assault, it is enough to drive you crazy.

I personally choose to arm myself to defend my family and friends. Carrying a firearm is more than a choice, it becomes a life philosophy. There are people in the world that have a problem with this. They call me a gun nut. They think I am drunk most of the time and am itching for a fight. They don't believe that i could possibly be qualified, or trained well enough to make the decision to defend myself and my family .

I do not look forward to a defensive gun use, I dread it. Yet it is a grim task that must be done quickly and done well, therefore it must be prepared for. Defending others from violence cannot be accomplished with candles, vigils, or tears. Decisive, effective action, in the moment, is the only way.

Once the violence has begun there is a progression of events, and my personal order of operations is as follows: remove yourself from the situation, respond non-violently, respond violently, become a victim of violence. If at all possible, get out of the situation. If you cannot avoid the situation, try to diffuse the situation with words. If this fails, be prepared to respond to violence with violence. If these options fail to work, you or someone you love and care about, will become a victim of violence.


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